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WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS 2010 , Maldives scoops most of the Awards

WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS 2010 , Maldives scoops most of the Awards

Maldives aerial view

Maldives aerial view

There is no other country in the World like The Maldives.
Located astride the equator, south of India and west of Sri Lanka, the all country unique specificity resides in the Geography made of an exclusive formation of natural atolls, sandy islands and reefs stretching along 823 km (511 miles) but occupying only an area of just 300 sq km (116 sq miles).
With an average ground of 1.5 meter above the sea level, the country is today endangered by the global sea level rising.
All land above the surface in the Maldives is of coralline origin.
The beauty of their lagoons and sandy beaches along with their splendid aerial views make the Maldives an Absolute Paradise.
The origin of the word “atoll ” itself derives from the Dhivehi language of the Maldives “Atholhu” and is now used in many languages worldwide.
In 2010 World Travel Awards, they have been again honored with numerous prestigious Awards :
Awards to Maldives:
Indian Ocean’s Leading Cruise Destination: Maldives
Indian Ocean’s Leading Boutique Hotel: Cocoa Island, Maldives
Indian Ocean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination: Maldives
Indian Ocean’s Leading Hotel: Baros Maldives
Indian Ocean’s Leading Resort: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
Indian Ocean’s Leading Spa Resort: W Retreat & Spa, Maldives
Indian Ocean’s Leading Travel Agency: Vermillion International Maldives
Indian Ocean’s Leading Villa: Baros Residence, Baros Maldives
Indian Ocean’s Leading Water Villa Group: Adaaran Prestige Resorts
Maldives’ Leading Hotel: Kurumba Maldives
Maldives’ Leading Luxury Tour Operator: Skytours Maldives
Maldives’ Leading Resort: Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu
Maldives’ Leading Spa Resort: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
Maldives’ Leading Villa: Anantara Resort Maldives
Maldives’ Leading Water Villas: Adaaran Prestige Water Villas

Congratulation to Maldives and the winning Resorts.

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Shark Fishing officially banned in Maldives. The story, the facts…

The question of shark protection in Maldives is not from yesterday but started more than 10 years ago…

Shark in Maldives lagoon

Baby shark in Maldives Lagoon | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

We estimate that app. 800 000 tons  of sharks are fished or massacred around the World per Year.

Indian Ocean and Pacific are the main sources of this activity.

In Maldives, shark fishing was first done to take the oil of shark livers in order to maintain boats.

Shark eating is not in the local food tradition.

Shark fishing has widely and rapidly developed itself to answer to the huge request from many known Asiatic countries. Along years, the activity became a very lucrative fishing industry, after tuna fishing in Maldives.

But sharks are also one of the main reasons for several thousands of visitors to stay in Maldives.

Shark observation is an extraordinary asset and  attraction of the Maldivian islands that has brought millions to the Maldivian government.

This major income together with the slow and terrible disappearance of sharks ( sharks are considered as near extinct species ) brought Maldivian Authorities to face the problem and wonder about it, since the beginning of 90’s with requests for scientific surveys on the subject.

As a matter of fact, sharks were already protected in Maldives, but only in a delimited area -app.7 atolls- decided according to levels of tourist frequentation. But as good and praiseworthy was the decision ( a few countries participate to shark survival), the  zone of protection was still very small in comparison to the total size of the Maldivian archipelago.

After almost 15 years of negotiations, petitions, scientific surveys, foundations of shark rescue groups and protestations, the Maldives belong since yesterday,  March 01st 2010,  to the (too) small group of countries that entirely protect sharks.

It is now official : Shark fishing is forbidden everywhere in Maldives !

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Beyond lagoons and Paradisiacal beaches, the Maldives have also a very long history punctuated with rising and falling where many secrets still have to be revealed and discovered.

If you love to discover historical sites during your holidays and have visited Maldives, you might have felt disappointed and sceptical about Maldivian history.

This is a common misconception.

On the contrary, Maldives have a rich and long history dating back to thousands of years ago.

Many ancient and major civilizations ( Phoenicians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Europeans…) have let their influences or their cultures in the Maldives.
Common historical sightseeing in Maldives often includes the old Sultan’s Palace with its National Museum and Hukuru Miskiiy– the oldest mosque in Maldives.
But many reminiscence of the past can be found or remain still undetected by Archaeologists among the archipelago.
Excavations are still running today and can be sometimes performed on long periods due to the singular and extremely extended geography of Maldives.
Pre-Buddhist, Buddhist, Hindu artefacts are among the most surprising results of these researches.
Many shrines, temples and other witnesses of these times were destroyed during the Islamic conquest and colonization of the Maldives.
Furthermore, various artefacts and places, already discovered, still remain ignored among the public (Maldivians and foreigners) as many of them are located on distant islands, often out of reach for the Islanders and currently not reachable by tourists.
During one of my visit to some far atolls, I was honoured by the local Authorities to have the exceptional possibility to enter and photograph one of these hidden and totally unknown places :
Maldives unknown Historical Museum
The unknown Museum of Maldives | The Residence of Khatheeb Hussain Thakurufaanu, father of The National  Maldivian Hero: Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Azam, located in Utheemu Island (Haa Alif Atoll).\ Photo Copyrights Sakis Papadopoulos

Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Azam is one of the most celebrated Maldivian heroes who saved Maldives from the Portuguese conquerors who ruled over the Maldives from 1558-1573. Portuguese conquerors have let in the history of Maldives a painful series of stories of cruel and massive killings in a short time. Independence went beyond relief.

The date of the original construction of the Residence is unknown, but in oral tradition it is said that the house was built during the reign of Kalhu Muhammed Siri Dhanmaru Bavana Mahaaradhum around the 15th/16th century AD.

More Photos and information about Maldives on

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Maldives Reefs and Lagoons aerial view

Diving in Maldives at a glance
Maldives are undoubtedly a Paradise for divers and snorkelers.

The archipelago offers a wide range of undersea sites. The Ocean that surrounds Maldives can reach a depth of 4000 meters. Outside of atoll edges, reefs rapidly fall to abysses and can give vertigo to the most experimented diver.
On the other side, inside reefs offer ideal conditions, reaching an average of 50 meters depth. In Maldives, a few minutes of boat transfer are sometimes enough to bring you to the most exciting and rich diving sites. Some Resorts even possess at a close range, idyllic waters for a deep and breathtaking dive, giving the possibility to divers to reach out their exploration site directly from the beach.
For beginners, it will be the absolute occasion to feel their first scuba diving emotions. Maldivian lagoons are a must for a diving initiation. Such waters assure a safe and guaranteed opportunity to live high-emotion moments.
In Maldives, like a few other diving destination in the world (New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Bahamas….), scuba diving initiations can be done in lagoons without necessarily having to dive first in a swimming-pool, giving you a first glimpse of the abundant Sea Life of Maldives. Pristine, clear and calm waters will contribute to make you feel serene and confident.
Diving initiation prices vary according to the Resorts. You should expect an average of 50 euros -app.70 US- as a starting price for a 45 minutes to 1 hour experience.
If you believe that scuba diving is definitively not made for you, you will still be able to discover Maldives under sea marvels with a simple snorkel equipment.
In some Resorts, reefs can be explored and reached directly from the beach in front of your villa. The magic show starts after a few meters.
Tip : Ask to your travel agent for confirmation of existing nearby snorkeling spots. Any good travel agent must be able to inform you on this matter…and others.
If you book through the internet or directly with the Resort, do not hesitate to send them an e-mail with your question list.

So, let yourself be tempted.
White sandy beaches and swimming around in their lagoons might be enough to enjoy Maldives, but the experience will not be complete without having seen their amazing under sea life.
Maldives aerial photo

Maldives aerial photo | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

(Photo from Dreaming of Maldives Creative Collection)

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Maldives, in Luxury…and Barefoot

Maldives are the Absolute Barefoot Luxury destination.
White powdery beaches, pristine water lagoons, sunny skies, crystal clear water and hundreds of beautiful unique …private sandbanks.

Numerous luxury Resorts of Maldives offer you the opportunity to feel like a (pampered) Robinson for a day or a few hours on one of these private Hideaways.

On request, you will be privately transferred to one of this sumptuous sandbank for a private and exclusive time.
The choice is yours
Breakfast at sunrise, elegant picnic, a table for 2 to enjoy a delicious lunch, have a cocktail or a diner at sunset….

For more comfort elegant tents are also set-up for you.

Just bring a good Sun protection, a hat and any accessory that suits to your need.
Your Resort will bring you the rest.
No need to mention that your snorkeling gear will be at disposal.
But just bear in mind one little detail : No shoes.
Maldives barefoot luxury

Maldives barefoot luxury| Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

(Photo from Dreaming of Maldives Creative Collection)

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1. Photographs must have been taken by YOU, you must be the copyright owner.
2. You can submit photographs with any subject from Maldives (excepted pornographic)
3. Maximum 3 photographs per member are allowed (Submit your photos to the FAN PHOTO GALLERY)

4. NO Photoshop or any other digital manipulation of photographs allowed. Basic editing like cropping, saturation, brightness, contrast, etc. is allowed.
5. Deadline January the 31st 2010
6. The 5 winners will be ANNOUNCED: 5th of February 2010
7. The Price: 5 Wall Calendars Maldives 2010, view item:
8. The photographs submitted to the Fans Photo gallery are not going to be used by us by any means.
9. Please copyright in a visible way your photo. We are not responsible for any unauthorized uses.

Maldives 2010 Calendar

Maldives 2010 Calendar

Good Luck

The PHOTO CONTEST deadline is postpone to February 7th. Still time to win 5 Maldives 2010 Wall Calendars So ……Submit !!!

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Unique Maldives ….

Unique Maldives ….
Is any comment useful to describe this picture ?
Are any words worth enough to explain the feeling of laying in this hammock at this right moment ?
Hum, I guess no.

So, just enjoy and Dream….

Unique Maldives

Unique Maldives| Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

(Photo from Dreaming of Maldives Creative Collection)

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