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Maldives Resort | Water Villa with a lagoon View 4

Day 17  in Maldives.

Room with a View :
Monday May 05th

Maldives Resort, Water Villa with a lagoon view in Haa Alifu Atoll

Maldives Water Villa Haa Alifu Atoll| Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

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Beyond lagoons and Paradisiacal beaches, the Maldives have also a very long history punctuated with rising and falling where many secrets still have to be revealed and discovered.

If you love to discover historical sites during your holidays and have visited Maldives, you might have felt disappointed and sceptical about Maldivian history.

This is a common misconception.

On the contrary, Maldives have a rich and long history dating back to thousands of years ago.

Many ancient and major civilizations ( Phoenicians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Europeans…) have let their influences or their cultures in the Maldives.
Common historical sightseeing in Maldives often includes the old Sultan’s Palace with its National Museum and Hukuru Miskiiy– the oldest mosque in Maldives.
But many reminiscence of the past can be found or remain still undetected by Archaeologists among the archipelago.
Excavations are still running today and can be sometimes performed on long periods due to the singular and extremely extended geography of Maldives.
Pre-Buddhist, Buddhist, Hindu artefacts are among the most surprising results of these researches.
Many shrines, temples and other witnesses of these times were destroyed during the Islamic conquest and colonization of the Maldives.
Furthermore, various artefacts and places, already discovered, still remain ignored among the public (Maldivians and foreigners) as many of them are located on distant islands, often out of reach for the Islanders and currently not reachable by tourists.
During one of my visit to some far atolls, I was honoured by the local Authorities to have the exceptional possibility to enter and photograph one of these hidden and totally unknown places :
Maldives unknown Historical Museum
The unknown Museum of Maldives | The Residence of Khatheeb Hussain Thakurufaanu, father of The National  Maldivian Hero: Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Azam, located in Utheemu Island (Haa Alif Atoll).\ Photo Copyrights Sakis Papadopoulos

Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Azam is one of the most celebrated Maldivian heroes who saved Maldives from the Portuguese conquerors who ruled over the Maldives from 1558-1573. Portuguese conquerors have let in the history of Maldives a painful series of stories of cruel and massive killings in a short time. Independence went beyond relief.

The date of the original construction of the Residence is unknown, but in oral tradition it is said that the house was built during the reign of Kalhu Muhammed Siri Dhanmaru Bavana Mahaaradhum around the 15th/16th century AD.

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