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Asia chose Maldives as Best Diving Sites in the World

2009 and 2010 are the Years of Maldives !

Diver in Maldives jumping in lagoon

Diving in Maldives | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

The largest diving and beach resort exhibition in Asia, the Marine Diving Fair, was held in Tokyo Japan, from April 2nd until April 04th 2010.

During this 2 days,  Maldives were awarded twice during the Yearly Dive & Travel Awards 2010 Ceremony. The Awards are based on judgement and votes from the thousands of readers of the 2 famous Diving Magazines “Travel Diver” and “Marine Diving” as a “Reader’s Choice Award”.

At the top of the list this year, Maldives won the Awards for :

  • “Best Diving Area” among very strong candidates as the World famous dive favourites Palau in the Pacific Ocean and Ishigaki Island in Japan ( famous for their 65 beautiful and rich diving sites).
  • “Best Dreaming Area” against the fabulous French Polynesia and one more time Palau.

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The Best Spa in the World is in Maldives

The Best Spa in the World, in the category Beach Resort, is in Maldives at Island Hideaway Spa Resort and Marina.

Island Hideaway Maldives Aerial Photo | © Sakis Papadopoulos

Island Hideaway Maldives aerial photo, Best Spa in the World

The Resort was again awarded with another prestigious Trophy  ( Island Hideaway was recently awarded as the “Indian Ocean Leading Villa” see my previous article of November 2009) during the The Senses Wellness Awards ( International Reference in Wellness Segment) 12th Edition.

Island Hideaway Maldives best Spa in the World

Island Hideaway Maldives | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

The Senses Wellness Awards were presented in Berlin, before the ITB fair (the place to be for new Tourism Trends) on March 11th to honour the world’s best wellness oases and spas.

Island Hideaway Maldives best spa World

Island Hideaway Maldives | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

The Resort was chosen among a panel of nearly 500 Hotels and Resorts worldwide

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