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Maldives Summer Monsoon…the essential

Day 56. NORTH MALE ATOLL. When Monsoon brings very artistic skies…Divine Maldives…

Maldives sunset summer monsoon

Maldives sunset during summer monsoon | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

It’s June…
This is the time for the summer monsoon in Maldives. Named « Hulhangu » in Dhivehi ( Maldivian language), the summer monsoon often starts in May, reaches its peak around July/August and slowly disappear in October, followed by the winter monsoon ( “Iruvai” in Dhivehi).
The summer monsoon is considered as the strongest of both of them.
You will often experience strong to very strong shower rains. Winds are generally stable and strong too and blow West/ South-West.
During this period of the year, Maldives weather becomes very versatile.
Strong rains often follow a beautiful sunny morning. The weather can change in a few minutes…
Dark, rainy and very windy periods can be very short, but they can also go on for a few days and be immediately replaced by idyllic weather conditions.

Weather balance will remain very fragile all along the season. It is sometimes so humid that a bright Sun can suddenly disappear behind heavy dark threatening clouds.
Here, there is no rule and there never was. Climate changes also affect the Maldives and the phenomenon got stronger the past years.

However, the Summer monsoon also has its good sides !
It is the best times for windsurfing, kitesurfing, fishing and surfing.
But if you are neither a windsurfer, a surfer or a fisherman…and you are a fan of spectacular sunsets and photography, Maldives will also fulfill your wishes.
This is precisely during at this time of the year ( high humidity combined with strange cloudy skies) that Maldives will offer you her best Natural shows with breathtaking unforgettable sunsets…

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Sunset on a Sandbank in Maldives.

It is 06.00 pm in Maldives.

The time for contemplation…
The time for wonder…
Sometimes, the time for reflection too.

At this time of the day, all Maldives resorts –  3, 4, and 5 stars –  live at the same rhythm, in the same smooth, romantic and tranquil atmosphere.

At this time, all Holiday makers of the islands stop their activities to stare at the horizon.

At 06.00 pm, at the equator, the light becomes so particular, so remarkable and so amazing, that such moment can not be missed.

It is time for the long-awaited Sunset.

Sunset on a sandbank in Maldives

Sunset on a sandbank in Maldives | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

It is the time when, close to the beach, terraces at the resort cafes are mostly crowded.
Some resorts have a special music program adapted to the magic of the moment. Others will let the moment as it is… In silence.

If you stay in a resort provided with a sandbank, you will definitively have to get there at this time. And be sure not to forget your favorite drink !
You will often find yourself alone or in a tiny group, as the sandbank relative “distance” – a few hundreds of meters – together with the nonchalance of the islands often dissuade most of the people from going there.

No sandbank in your resort ?
Well, do not worry, magic and tranquility are still guaranteed.
In Maldives, even during the highest season, you will always find a hidden and desert piece of beach,  at any time of the day.

The perfect combination of  the resorts sweet Rhythm of Life and clever infrastructures is the best to create  idyllic hideaways.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Dreaming of Maldives 2005-2010.

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Maldives traditional Dhoni

The traditional dhoni is one of the oldest sea vessel in Maldives. Dhonys are generally built from coconut palm timber.

The dhoni resembles a dhow, an Arab traditional sailing vessel.

They are found all over Maldives and are used mainly for fishing and transportation.

Maldives dhoni at sunset

Maldives dhoni at sunset| Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

(Photo from Dreaming of Maldives Creative Collection)


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Maldives 2010 Wall Calendars with spectacular photography of the Maldivian Islands

Maldives 2010 Wall Calendars with spectacular photography of the Maldivian Islands

Maldives 2010 Wall Calendar

Maldives 2010 Wall Calendar

Calendar Maldives 2010

Calendar Maldives 2010



This oversized Wall Calendar offers spectacular Photography along with easy-to-read grids. Maldives Aerial Photography, Beaches, Islands, Lifestyle …

Includes 2 Extra pages for personal Notes. ENGLISH/ DEUTSCH/ FRANCAIS/ ITALIANO

Format : Size closed : 25 x 25 cm. Size open : 25 x 50 cm. Standard wall binding stapled. Cover Glossy laminated Paper. Silk Color Paper.

PRICE : 9 Euro.

Exc.5 Euro sending costs by registered post. Worldwide Delivery. Delivery times Inside Europe and UK: 3 to 5 working days/ Outside Europe and UK: 3 to 7 working days.

Special offer on shipping costs for more than 2 ordered calendars : Order 2 calendars and pay only 1 shipping cost. Order 3 up to 5 calendars and pay only 2 shipping costs :  http://www.dreamingofmaldives.com/Maldives-calendar.html

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Maldives photo of the week

Dreaming of Maldives

Dreaming of Maldives| Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

Maldives photo of the week

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Maldives Photo of the week

Maldives Photo by Sakis Papadopoulos

Maldives Photo by Sakis Papadopoulos

Maldives Photo of the week

Sunsets in Maldives can be spectacular, colorfully intense, almost unreal but yet so unbelievable true

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